Who Am I? A Personal Poem

As part of a class assignment, we were challenged to create something that acted as a self-portrait. Since my tattoo is my visual identity, I wanted to incorporate it into my piece, while writing a poem to explain its meaning. The poster visual was meant to look gritty - an homage to my roots in the Bronx.

Coachella Poster: A Throwback to 90s Nickelodeon 

When thinking about how to design this mock Coachella poster for Graphic Design class, I tried to invoke the 90s nostalgia that we see on social media. Many millennials (and some Gen Z-ers) are nostalgic for 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, so I used the company's color palette and signature orange splat as influences.

Social Media Mockup for ONG Cesal

As part of our campaign for ONG Cesal, my team and I created a social media schedule and grid to publicize Cesal's efforts to help families in need during the COVID crisis. We produced photos that matched their company colors and brand identity of "lending a hand," while the grid represents their belief that society is an intertwined chain.  

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